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Our Four-Decade Long Journey & Commitment to Excellence

Spun Products Inc. was started in 1971, by then owners Al Weber and Sam Hanson. The two paired up together after a long stint of running Southwest Spun Products, and decided to start their own metal spinning company. They started with production of spun metal parts at a small shop in Gardena, California, and quickly moved into the heart of Long Beach’s industrial area.

How We Made It

  • Initially, Spun Products began manufacturing parts for the automotive industry. At its peak, we were producing 500 wheels per week for companies such as Crager, Centerline, and American Wheel.
  • As the auto industry developed and changed the production of wheels, Al and Sam set their sights on the Aerospace Industry.
  • Industry giant, McDonnell Douglas quickly became Spun's prime account, producing detailed parts for the MD-80, MD-90, MD-11, and C-17 programs, along with other military projects.
  • By 1985, cofounder Al Weber retired and sold his share of the business to Sam, but left behind his only son Larry Weber to continue his legacy in the art of metal spinning.
  • In 1995, Sam retired and left the company in Larry’s capable hands. By the time Larry took ownership of Spun Products, his eldest son Lawrence had joined the company, as an apprentice in his father's trade.
Spun Products, Inc.

We Become the Niche!

As the years passed, Spun Products had carved out a niche in the Aerospace Industry, for producing complex spun parts using various alloys. Today, Larry and his son Lawrence run Spun Products, MLZ, Inc. and are recognized as an industry leader in precision metal spinning. We have become an ideal source for various industries, including:

  • Commercial aerospace
  • Military defense
  • Space exploration
  • Power generation
  • Oil and gas industries